A Family Business & More

We are a family business at the foot of the Rocky Mountains that employs local, skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Motivated by the natural beauty of Colorado, yet wanting to protect ourselves from the weather in a minimalist manor, we founded Colorado Teardrop Trailers in 2014.This is after discovering we couldn’t rent a Teardrop Trailer in Colorado to try before we purchased one! To purchase one, we were told it would be a 6 month wait!  So we built one for ourselves.  Based on the interest and appreciation for our personal Teardrop, we launched Colorado Teardrop Trailers.

Founded by the son of a British carpenter, Dean Wiltshire started building boats at a young age. With experience in designing and building furniture, cabinetry, and custom homes; the business focuses on building quality teardrop trailers. With all his woodwork and building skills, Dean also has Computer Aided Design (CAD) and CNC Routing experience to provide quality at  the most cost affordable approach. Dean is Father to David and Sarah. David is our Production Manager and Sarah is our Office Manager.

It’s difficult to balance style, utility and craftsmanship. Well done Dean and the Teardrop Tame! Keep it up!

Tony Webbeler

Designed and Built in Boulder, Colorado

Yes, we make stuff in the USA! Colorado Teardrop Trailers are designed and built in Boulder, Colorado. Where we apply craftsmanship and technology to build high quality, functional, affordable Teardrops. Our research and testing is done in the Backyard (Rocky Mountains) along the Fence line (Continental Divide). From our shop location, there are 51 different campgrounds within 50 miles.

What is the design process?
In just three fast years, the company has designed 7 different styles of teardrop trailers to cover retro, off road, and commercial teardrop uses.  Using its rental fleet as a testing lab and marketing tool, the design team continues to refine the ergonomics, styling and longevity of their model line for end sales to campers/travelers/adventure-seekers, and for companies for their mobile marketing promotions and product selling.  Colorado Teardrop’s factory-direct selling model is priced competitively, without having to pay RV Dealer fees and commissions, as well as allowing for higher grades of materials and craftsmanship at a similar price point.

Our design experts will discuss the essentials including interior and exterior design finishes, to galley options, electric requirements for features such as interior lighting, stereo and/or TV,  A/C, awnings, and other possibilities. We will also discuss specific storage configurations for your camping essentials.

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