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60" High Country Trailer72” Backwoods Trailer
Rugged 'N Ready 60" High Country TrailerRugged ’N Ready 72” Backwoods Trailer

Colorado Teardrop Models for Sale

We’re very excited about our 2017 Teardrop Models.  Being a customer driven company, we’re most interested in your desires in a Teardrop.  Please take a look at our model offerings and if there’s one that you like, we’re happy to build it for you.

Basedrop™Canyonland™Mount Massive™Summit Teardrop™Custom Worx
Our Basedrop model is our lightest Teardrop and perfect to visit all the National Parks pulled by your car!Need to get off road, get off grid? You'll want our Canyonland model Teardrop to take you off the beaten path. Got kids and want a practical Teardrop for a young family? Get into our Mount Massive Teardrop. You'll have room for your soul mate and critters you call kids.Go big! Follow that customized 4 x 4 of yours off-road, cook, camp & relax in style.! Our Summit will follow you and provide room for everyone that fits in that 4 door Jeep. Looking for something completely customize? Branding, Promo, Catering. We'll create something unique for you.