How Do Our Campers Compare?

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Made from the finest materials in Boulder, Colorado by experienced craftsmen, our Teardrops  are built to last.

Colorado Teardrops’ new designs are now formed with structural aluminum to frame the side walls and ceilings.

These new materials and techniques are impervious to water and weather damage for decades.  Instead of marine grade plywood, lauan and paint on waterproofing — the new models are formed with structural aluminum to form the cabin. This new frame approach creates stronger, lighter and very long lasting Teardrops.


Our trailers are NOT manufactured in foreign factories overseas.  Our trailers are constructed to the highest standards in the USA.

We don’t use RV-grade materials — they don’t come close to meeting our idea of quality, and we wouldn’t think of putting particle board, melamine, or linoleum in our trailers.

Built with just the essentials, or customized with all the options, our teardrop trailers allow you to enjoy your campsite in comfort and luxury.

[vcex_heading text=”This will never happen to our trailers”][vcex_heading text=”We don’t leave exposed wood in our trailers” tag=”h2″]

We don’t use wood in the cabin frame, or plywood in the siding.

Our trailers CABIN frames are built with aircraft-grade aluminum to make sure it maintains its integrity for decades.

As you can see above, wood that gets exposed to the elements quickly warps, rots, molds and mildews, and popped screws.

The materials we use are impervious to water damage and assembled to be solid and square…for decades, not years like some other teardrop trailer manufacturers.

Buy a trailer that is built to last.  If it is cheaper to buy, it isn’t going to stand the test of the road and time.  Our trailers do.

[vcex_heading text=”Steel not Aluminum trailer bed frames” tag=”h2″]

Our trailers frames are built from steel and not aluminum. This ensures that a steel axle is properly supported by steel, and not a softer aluminum .

To see why this is crucially important, see why a Livin’ Lite trailer dropped its axle and ruined a perfectly good trip.

Broken axle mount and additional stress fractures

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