Why Should I Buy a Colorado Teardrop Trailer?

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Simply put, because we make amazing trailers that are built to withstand the elements and last decades.

BEWARE of budget trailers.  Learn more >

Colorado Teardrop Trailers are the perfect night sleep for a long cross country trip or quick Wednesday night “bug-out” camping night at the last minute. The Galley contains all your cooking and dining gear. With room for charcoal, fire wood and camp stove to cook, ice cooler, water, spices, french press, plates, etc…  Your ready to take that adventure sleeping and eating well!

Using its rental fleet as a testing lab and marketing tool, the design team continues to refine the ergonomics, styling and longevity of their model line for end sales to campers/travelers/adventure-seekers, and for companies for their mobile marketing promotions and product selling.  Colorado Teardrop’s factory-direct selling model is priced competitively, without having to pay RV Dealer fees and commissions, as well as allowing for higher grades of materials and craftsmanship at a similar price point.

Manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, our Teardrop Trailers are designed in widths and lengths  queen size mattresses .  Trailers come with a standard or fully customizable galley, and in-cabinet storage. With design options for conveniences such as interior lighting, A/C, TV, and/or stereo speakers, the possibilities are unlimited for crafting a trailer to fit your personal lifestyle.  Material choices include trim and wood finishes, and anodized aluminum or galvanized steel.

Here are some color samples:

Built with the essentials, or customized with all the options, our trailers allow you to enjoy your campsites with ease and style, and in comfort you will love.

  • Our teardrop trailers can be towed by nearly any vehicle on the road.
  • Customize your camper to fit your personal style of travel and camping needs
  • Small and maneuverable it goes where you want to take it
  • Minimal impact on mileage due to its light weight and aerodynamic shape

Colorado Teardrops’ new designs are now formed with structural aluminum to frame the side walls and ceilings.  These new materials and techniques are impervious to water and weather damage for decades.  Instead of marine grade plywood, lauan and paint on waterproofing — the new models are formed with structural aluminum to form the cabin. This new frame approach creates stronger, lighter and very long lasting Teardrops.

Last, when shopping for a Teardrop Trailer or Tiny Camper please be sure the “seller/builder” is a licensed dealer in Colorado, is a licensed manufacturer and can issue VINs, is fully insured and will offer a multiple year product warranty.